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Our subcontractors/Partners

The POLYROTO Group maintains privileged links with its partners for whom it manufactures a very wide range of diversified products

Horse and agricultural equipment

Stable equipment, accessories for horse racing, etc.


Canoes, kayaks, fishing boats and tanks for fishing boats, floats for marinas, etc.


lane dividers, fuel tanks, etc.


Tanks and hoppers for agricultural machinery, tanks, livestock equipment, etc.

Swimming pools

Swimming pool filters, etc.

Water treatment

Containers for drinking water filters, etc.

Street furniture

Seats, benches, etc.


Truck trailer wings, etc.

Our subcontractors

Design office


Within the POLYROTO group, our design office deals with your rotational moulding project from your innovative idea to its industrialisation.

Based on your technical specifications, our engineers, technicians and draughtsmen, who have been specialists in rotational moulding for several years, carry out a complete study of your project using different design software.

We supervise the manufacture of the mould and ensure the production of your samples. After your approval, we move on to the industrialisation phase of your workpiece.

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