Lifting station 700

Low landfill height and large volume


Application field

The Lifting Station ROTO POSTE 700 is used to lift waste water and sewage where the water is lower than the collection network.

Equipped with one or two pumps and a float. When the float is activated, the water is pumped to its destination. The pump stops as soon as the water level drops.


  • Create a concrete slab or a compacted 15/20 cm excavation
  • make sure that the station is well levelled
  • connect the channelling and discharge pipes
  • fill the station with clear water to stabilise it
  • backfill by placing the TPC sheath for the electrical cable

Composition of the station

  • Dimension: 1200*915*850
  • monobloc tank capacity 700 litres
  • non-return flap diameter 50 with valve
  • pipework diameter 50
  • a lip seal to mount the inlet pipe diameter 100
  • 1 lifting pump


  • Perforated grille
  • 100 mm or 200 mm elevation.


Rotational molding, rotational molding box, Kayak, Polyroto Group