Screen 500 Liters


HDPE 500 liters screen, is placed before a micro plant or a tank all water and enables the blocking of the wastes and collects the household effluents which could slow down the RHocess of degradation. These wastes carried by the tributaries are retained before their arrival in the station. The wastewater passes through a fine screen where bulky material is retained, which is then removed. The addition of the risers is adapted to increase the height and volume of the screen. The latter is designed for up to 15 inhabitants.

Basic description:

  • Provides effective Protection for the micro plant.
  • Screen with a HDPE tank of 500 liters.
  • Height: 110 cm, length: 95 cm, width: 80 cm, weight: 50kg.
  • Inlet and outlet diameter: 100 mm with lip seals.
  • Flat tank bottom.
  • Optional riser.
  • To be placed on a sand bed.
  • 3 mm steel grid with 2 cm holes.
  • 15 years Warranty.
Rotational molding, rotational molding box, Kayak, Polyroto Group
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